Furlex 50SThe Furlex genoa furling and reefing system was first launched in 1983. Today Furlex is the world market leader. With its attractive combination of aluminium, composite and stainless steel it adds a touch of class to any yacht.

Choosing the correct size unit for your boat is vital to ensure the system works efficiently. The details on our request sheet allow us to choose the correct unit for you!

Simple to install, easy to maintain. As the furlex kit comes complete with all the materials plus a full set of instructions, you can easily fit the system yourself. The only maintenance required is washing and greasing theĀ  swivel and bearings, we even include the grease with the kit.

We stock all the models.

Furlex 50s

Furlex 100S

Furlex 200s

Furlex 300s

Furlex 400s

Furlex 500S

If you are looking for something a bit more; we also supply Through-Deck and Electric Furlex models.

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